Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

zero affixation

The phrase zero affixation is easy to understand by checking the root word of the second word.Affix means to add or to attach.In learning English Language it means that a word has two meanings without changing its spelling by adding few letters in it.In other words, it can function into two forms without changing its original one.The meaning is not always the same.Hence, students should be aware of this.See this example below:
  • I smell a fragrant flower. (The word smell function as a verb in the sentence)
  • Her smell is bad.(The word smell function as a noun in the sentence)

People who are learning their target language which is English ought to know and understand zero affixation of words.This is explain to help them widen their knowledge, understand word patterns and as a whole guide them as they continue to learn.Thus, studying English would not be difficult.It becomes fun and enriching instead.

Let’s say, you know the word “smell”.If you know one form or understand one meaning but not the other, you’re in trouble! It can definitely cause confusion and misunderstanding!

Look at this more examples that I listed.Notice the verbs used.

  • I smile at my daughter.
  • My girlfriend’s smile brightens my day.
  • I dream of becoming a scientist.
  • Her dream was the scariest one I’ve ever heard!
  • Jason will murder his mom with his worsening attitude.
  • The murder of Chang family was awful.
  • We stay in Davao.
  • We had a short stay in Manila.

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